One SMS segment equals a combination of up to 69 characters. Which is the equivalent of one minute in cost. Please review our pricing table to view our up to date minute prices. If your SMS is longer than one segment (69 Characters) then you will be billed, two, three, or more segments depending on how long your SMS is.

Each SMS equals one minute.

Yes! We operate on a pay as you go schema. Feel free to login to your My account section, locate the Add minutes section, and load the amount of minutes you need.

Don’t worry, unlike other companies we don’t remove your minutes after each cycle. They keep adding up until they are all used. However minutes do have an expiration date of up to one year, meaning that minutes have to be used within the same fiscal year that they are purchased.

We don’t have a limit of SMS that can be sent. However we do have to comply with SMS sending regulations to avoid SPAM. When you signup for an account is limited to 500 SMS per day in the continental US. If you need to send more, we are required to register your account and provide examples of SMS being sent. As well as subscribe and unsubscribe options/links. You can complete this registration by using our registration wizard located in the configuration menu inside Merlin.

We hold a strong policy against any illegal activity and or any illegal drugs. However if your business is a licensed cannabis dispensary and you have all your business licenses up to date. You can use our platform to better server your customers. However since we rely on third party social media platforms we are subject to their respective terms and conditions which may be different from each other. Please visit their respective websites to learn more about their cannabis rules and or regulations.

No you can’t. SMS sending is not permitted for cannabis businesses.

We don’t have a limit of calls that can be connected at the same time. It will all depend on how many calls your staff can handle.

Yes! you can dial/call international numbers using our system.

Yes! we do. However by default Merlin only shows DIDs (Phone Numbers) from the United States. If you need a number from any other country please contact our support department to request one or many.

Yes! we do, please contact our support department to request one or many. Per Mexico’s regulation you will be required to send some documentation such as your ID, and a utility receipt for address verification.

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